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My fav videos

I feel like I need to do something.. Not that this is something exactly.. productive, but its something, right? I introduce to you.. my own favorite videos, that ive made myself!

Standing in the light of your halo (blair&serena/brooke&peyton)

This was my first real sony vegas video that is close to my editing today. I was extremely proud of myself for finishing this and actually.. liking it.. I know, its weird when I like my own videos it.. just almost never happens haha.

I said "I'm only human" (Kat/Patrick) BOIT

Oh gosh, I remember putting this up thinking nobody would like it.. I grew up with this movie, and it's one of my alltime faves. I think it was with this video I truly fell in love with voiceovers.. And I decided I would use it as often as I could haha!

When you feel all alone

My little experiment with crossovers. I was so fascinated by everyones crossovers, that I just wanted to do a vid with a few crossovers, to train myself i guess..

RIP Brittany Murphy

I admit it, when I heard Brittany Murphy died, I cried.. It was just such a shock, and Ive loved her a long time.. She was never my favorite actresse, but I did watch alot of her movies and admired her work. I thought she was an absolutely gorgeus girl, and she had such life in her interviews.. I felt like I needed to do this.

It's always gonna come right back to this (Brooke/Peyton) for Kayla

There is no secret I love Brooke/Peyton, so whenever I vid them I put my entire heart into it.. So obviously im gonna be pleased with the result.

You don't remember..? (Chad/Sonny) AU

Oh. My. God. I've never spent so much time and effort on a video, ever.. This, right here, is my baby. I'm extremely proud of the outcome, that I put so much into.. It might be a disney video, but I can assure you I changed everything about the fandom.

This was no spur of the moment decision (13 reasons why) BOIT book challenge

I'm in love with this book, and when the round of BOIT was about books, i instantly started casting. One of the reasons why I love this video is because the author saw it and posted it on his blog. Thats just insane. ALSO, I dont care what everyone thinks, To me Nina Dobrev is the perfect Hannah.

I'm probably going to hell for this... but blah blah blah

Oh come on, its good ol fun ;)

This has got to be the good life (Demi/Selena)

I just love Demi and Selenas friendship, so I was so sad when I heard it was over.. I knew alot of youtubers were vidding them sad, but I wanted to show how good they were. Even if its in the past, at least it was there. And documented, thank god ;)

Slipping away from underneath my toes

I think this was my first big glee video, and I'm very proud of it. Also, lauramichelle made a hella good coloring i got to borrow! So now its even prettier.

Everybody hates me..

I absolutely love Jenny after the third season, so after the finale I sat down and just.. put alot of clips together that made me love her. This is the result, and I'm so proud of it. Not to mention, all the feedback totally blew me away

you talk too much, maybe thats your way of breaking up the silence..

And with this video, I was officially hooked on Pretty Little Liars.. Hanna Marin is a freaking queen, and I'm just proud of myself for making a coloring I actually liked.

would you leave your life and ride? (Emily/Toby)

Of course I'd bring this video in the list ;) It doesnt get better than having SHAY MITCHELL tweet your video. So yeah, on the list no doubt.

There's no such thing as love, it's a fantasy

I love this.. I was listening to the song and thinking "I really wanna vid it.." and kept thinking about how I would do it. And it was during my 500 days craze, so.. :) Also, the first sentence is my favorite quote.

I just wanted a little more time..

Keith is one of my fav movies, and this song is absolutely gorgeus.. I dont know how the video happened, but I'm actually proud of it.
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