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Here is some amazing vid recs for you all!

Im totally copying chezlbb and posting my fav videos from YT.

Twilight - beautiful things by SmokeyFizz

Its no secret that SmokeyFizz is a great vidder, and this video proves it. It was made before Twilight came out, and its just.. amazing. This was when I was a hardcore Twilight fan, but i still appreciate this video.

i'm not normally a huge fan of tv shows made into already existing trailers but this one is just outstanding.

now THIS on the other hand.. making trailers out of real shows, I LOVE that.

One Tree Hill cast - High school never ends by Awakenmysoul

This one just shows what I love about one tree hill. The editing isnt flashy, but its absolutely perfect the way it is.

Claire's Rescue | Brooke/Lucas by Catouroy

Theres just something extremely amazing and emotional about this video. and the quality is so fantastic.

Your Guardian Angel | Brooke/Nathan by Catouroy

Sid/Cassie-Map of the problematique by karoleczka15x

In Pieces; Edward/Bella (Dream Team) by Eclairu

This girl has amazing manipskills that makes me cry myself to bed, im so jealous. Also, DREAM TEAM!
The effects in this vid is INSANE and out of this world. Love this editor.
The brathan girl inside me dies with this. Its perfect.

Crawling; Chuck by MCCMproduction

This is insane and i dont even like chuck anymore.

o x y g e n ; [sonny / chad ] by taylovesmountaindew

Yes, even disney vidders made this list. This is the prettiest disney vid ive ever seen.

ii | it´s a long way down by soupshop

There is something amazing and original to this video, its beautiful.

The Sun In Your Eyes by sparralex

Not only is sparralex an amazing vidder, but this video is outstanding.

im the bomb like, tick tick by uyuyuy0

Best. vidlet. ever.

Pushing Daisies | why'd you have to be so cute? by gaby0189

another great vidder like sparralex. I never finished watching pushing daisies, but this video is just so adorable.

Inside Your Head (Show Your Story Contest) by LauraMichelle1389

The video that introduced me to LauraMichelle, and gosh I'm so thankful for that. This video i think is her best.

Going, Going, Gone - Damon/Caroline by sparralex

amazing couple, amazing vidder, amazing video. Can it get any better?

River Flows In You ; Multifandom (deaths of beloved carachters) by felicim

This is heartbreaking, and so well done.

I follow your lead | New Moon by dazzleme7

when dazzleme7 makes a dreamteam vid, i die. Just like with all the other dreamteam vids, but this one is outstanding.

Alex/Julian ; Go on breathe in October456

Something about this video draws me in. I felt alone in shipping alex and julian. Also, the voiceover is .. wow.

misfits;; all the right moves (BOIT) by luvinbigbrother

THIS VIDEO, RIGHT HERE, IS THE BEST MISFITS VID OUT THERE. And this song is just pure epicness, so alltogether this video rocks youtube. Just sayin.

Damon/Caroline ; Machine gun october456

loves it! I dont know what to say of it, im just in love.

Tyler/Jeremy ;; Starlight by flashingfly

one of the best tyler/jeremy vids I have ever seen, everything flows so amazing to the song.

one tree hill cast / sink or swim by lolllipoppsx333

Not only am i in love with this song, but also this girls vidding style. Its so beautiful and soft.

Tony & Maxxie / It's all yours by dazzleme7

a beautiful vid, and the best tony/maxxie out there. This should inspire everyone to vid them now.

Katie & Emily | Porcelain Fists by dazzleme7

What can i say, dazzleme7 IS an amazing vidder and she just proves it again and again with her vid. This was no exception.

say all i need // skins by uyuyuy0

she made me fall in love with this song. I might be a bit biased, since this is dedicated to me but it really is one of my fav videos out there.

My Walls Are Closing In; Stefan Salvatore (For jenniferlovesyou99 and October456) by flawlessnightmare


damon & elena / meteor shower by lolllipoppsx333

she makes it look like its EASY to vid this song, which is amazing. Pretty video.

jeremy/tyler | from the start by flashingfly

now THIS, right here, is the best tyler/jeremy video to have ever graced the web.

gave you all | the man who loved yngve by lostalongthewayy

You may not know the fandom, cause its norwegian, but oh my GOD you can know that this vid is beyond amazing. This is some dazzleme7 and flashingfly editing right there.

And Everything is Going to the Beat (Multifandom) by Kellygirl2002

OMG THIS IS INSANE, WTH! best dubstep video EVER!!!! We all knew Kelly was amazing, though.

REMEMBER GUYS, this is MY list which means its all MY opinions. Hope you enjoy it though, i went through all my 1000 favorites for this...... im tired.
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